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Why Choose Suzuki Lessons for your family?

Chloe Groth Streetcar Suzuki Violin Lesson
Chloe Groth Streetcar Suzuki Violin Lesson New Orleans

Suzuki teaching is unique because it takes advantage of the natural inclination between children and parents to teach and learn in order to facilitate a joyful and collaborative learning process. This methodology allows the study of music to be grounded in the mutually supportive triangle of parent, student, and teacher.

Grounded in listening, motivation, proper technique, repetition, and reinforcement, the Suzuki Method includes the following effective beliefs and practices:

  • Suzuki teachers believe that all children can develop musical ability and do not embrace the idea that some children are simply “not talented.” 

  • Students can begin at a young age and excel through playful and joyful instruction.

  • Parents play an active role in the learning process both in lessons and at home.  An important key to the child’s musical growth is the parent’s commitment to creating a nurturing and consistent learning environment.  

  • Children learn to read music from the first lesson, however reading music and learning the technique of the violin are taught as separate skills during the early stages of violin study to promote ease and success.

  • The role of review allows the child to have a set repertoire always available to them and the opportunity to bring new skills and beauty to those pieces as they learn.

  • Music is not just performed by an individual. In the Suzuki Method, community is essential to growth, both in group classes and regular outreach performances in the community to share our love for music.

Just as in language learning, parents play a vital role in developing children's early music learning ability. Parents attend lessons with their child and assist with practice at home, developing parents' knowledge of the instrument and music along with the child's and growing their ability to play and work collaboratively. Parents attend the first three lessons alone to begin building their understanding of the Suzuki method and basic violin technique before the child joins in on the fourth lesson. Parents learn to play the instrument at least through the Twinkle Variations, and longer if desired. 

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