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Group Lessons

Group lessons are held twice a month and are a required, fundamental, and meaningful part of Suzuki education. Group lessons invigorate the learning process by:

  • Providing the opportunity to make music with other people, which creates perspective, motivation, and camaraderie. Group class builds their musical context and community, creating excitement around their personal progress and desire to grow and advance. 

  • Offering opportunities to review and perform violin repertoire

  • Integrating music theory, aural skills, games, brain teasers, and teamwork with parents

  • Introducing supplemental music around holidays and special events to perform as a group

  • Providing the opportunity to perform for the class, which builds confidence and pride in the performer and hones listening skills and the ability to compliment and critique musical performance in a positive and purposeful way in the audience members.

 SCSVS students are required to participate in group lessons as part of the curriculum.

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