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Chloe Helene Groth, violinist, is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where she earned a Master of Music in Teaching and a Bachelor of Music in Performance. Chloe has trained in Suzuki Violin Books 1-7, 9, and 10 under the guidance of Ronda Cole, David Strom, and Judy Bossuat-Gallic. She has done additional learning with Gabriel Bolkosky.

As an instructor, Chloe invests her time, abilities, and care into nurturing the talent and heart within each child. Chloe's biggest priority as an educator is to help children grow in empathy and compassion for themselves as learners, and to extend that empathy and love towards others. She believes that these life-altering qualities can be developed beautifully through the lens of the Suzuki method and through teaching children how to reflect and care for their own hearts in the learning process. 

Learning the violin can be a vehicle for developing some of the most important skills in life: connecting with another person, being mindful in the present moment, building integrity, expressing oneself, prioritizing play and discovery in the learning process, persevering and problem solving through challenges, strengthening family relationships, finding joy in challenges, deepening one's sensitivity to art, and infusing love into what we share with the world.

Chloe has maintained a private teaching studio for over fifteen years years and has experience teaching all ages and ability levels. She currently runs her own studio out of her home, Streetcar Suzuki Violin School, in New Orleans, LA. She previously served as Department Chair of the Suzuki Program at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and worked closely with the leadership of the Suzuki Association of Wisconsin. She is a frequent orchestral performer and currently plays as a substitute with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and is a member of the Versipel New Music Collective. She has also played with the Wisconsin Philharmonic and the Festival City Symphony in Wisconsin. At Oberlin Conservatory, she served as Concertmaster of the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra and the Contemporary Music Ensemble.

A versatile musician, Chloe enjoys providing music at special events such as weddings and parties. She also has experience as a Mariachi violinist and performing with a rock band. She prioritizes a high level of violin playing and a dedication to performance while also leading a vibrant and supportive Suzuki studio family.

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