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About the Studio


Chloe Helene Groth founded Streetcar Suzuki Violin Studio in 2018 after settling in New Orleans with her family. Streetcar Suzuki Violin Studio provides a year-round holistic, rigorous, and comprehensive Suzuki Violin Education that is grounded in weekly individual lessons and twice monthly group lessons. Using the Suzuki Method of instruction enables the student to establish exceptional skills on the violin within an environment that encourages both the development of a mind attuned to critical thinking and self-discipline, and a heart filled with a love for learning and sharing the joy of music. Chloe’s dedication to a playful and nurturing environment and her emphasis on developing a supportive and lively learning community helps to grow curiosity, joy, and confidence in her students. Chloe works with parents individually to create a vision for each child's musical growth while also embracing each step of the learning process together. 

For more information please email Chloe at or click here for more contact options.

From Parents:

"Over the past year and a half, Chloe has helped foster a love for both the violin and music in my daughter. Her kind and lively spirit combined with her dedication to the Suzuki method make learning the violin a joyful adventure. Children in Chloe's studio will learn to play with a beautiful heart, and they'll also learn everything that goes along with it - self-confidence, discipline and the value of a respectful and kind community." ​- Leslie

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